Song Information for Beautiful Day

Song Title:Beautiful Day
Artist:Radin, Joshua
{t:Beautiful Day}
 {st:Joshua Radin}
 Key: E Major
 Capo: None
 Strumming Pattern: D D U D U D D U D U
 Intro: E for 2 bars then straight into the verse
 Verse 1:
 I'm gonna [E]wash the dust off [A]my s[E]oul
 I'm gonna [E]listen to some ro[A]ck n' r[E]oll
 No c[E]ares, co[A]me what m[E]ay
 I'm m[E]aking a [A]beautiful [E]day
 Verse 2:
 I'm gonna [E]drive my car[A] into the s[E]ea
 Swim out [E]far cause [A]I belie[E]ve that the [E]waves will wash the [A]grey a[E]way
 I'm m[E]aking a [A]beautiful [E]day
 [F#m]But let me hear you s[A]ay
 [E]Oooh [Gm]ooohh[A] my m[E]y[A][E]
 I'm lea[C#m]rning to f[B]ly
 [E]Hey [Gm]hey w[A]hat's that you're sa[E]ying
 [A]Lets not forge[E]t we're [C#m]alive[A][E]
 Verse 3:
 Gonna [E]climb that hill[A] behind my [E]house
 See what this [E]place is [A]all ab[E]out
 [E]Cause from above it all
 You can'[A]t help but s[E]ay
 It's g[C#m]onna be a b[A]eautiful [E]day
 It's g[C#m]onna be a b[A]eautiful [E]day
 [F#m]But let me hear you [A]say
 Musical Interlude:
 [E] [Gm] [A] [E] [A] [E] [C#m] [C#m] [A] [A] [E] 
 Verse 4:
 Gonna [E]turn my enemies[A] into f[E]riends
 Was b[E]roken yet stronger[A] when it [E]mends
 When we [E]all come together this [A]song will [E]play
 We'll s[E]ing it's a be[A]autiful [E]day
 And it's [C#m]gonna be my b[A]eautiful [E]day
 Repeat E till end.
 This is the easiest I could make it, pretty sure it's all correct. Enjoy! Any
 corrections you have would be greatly appreciated.