Song Information for Danny Boy

Song Title:Danny Boy
Artist:Presley, Elvis
{t:Danny Boy}
 {st:Elvis Presley}
 I am submitting this as an enhancement to an existing score.
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 a few additional chords. I hope this is acceptable.
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 Danny Boy ? Elvis Presley
 Oh, [C]Danny Boy, the [CM7]pipes, the [C7]pipes,are [F]call[Fm]ing,
 F[G7]rom [G]Glen to G[Am]len [Am7]and [Dm7]down t[A7]he m[Dm]ountain s[G]ide
 The [C]summers [CM7]gone and [C]all the fl[C7]owers are [F]fall[Fm]ing,
 Tis y[C]ou, tis [C7]you, [Am]must [Dm]go [Dm7]and [F]I [G7]must [C]bide.
 [C]But c[Am]ome [G]ye b[C]ack, [F]when su[Dm7]mmers [Am7]in [Dm]the [C]mead[Am]ow,
 [C]Or w[Am]hen t[G]he va[C]lleys hu[F]shed, and [Dm7]white [Dm]with [A7]snow,
 C Am G C` F Dm7 Am7 Dm7 C Am
 Yes, I ll be there, in sunshine or in shadow,
 [C]Oh, D[Am]anny [F]Boy, [Dm]Oh, D[F]anny [Am]Boy[Dm] I l[G7]ove y[G]ou [C]so.
 [C]And w[Am]hen [G]ye c[C]ome [F]and [Dm7]all the f[Am7]lowers [Dm]are [C]dy..[Am]ing,
 [C]And[Am] I [G]am d[C]ead, as [F]dead as [Dm7]well [Dm]may [A7]be,
 [C]You ll c[Am]ome a[G]nd f[C]ind t[F]he p[Dm7]lace [Am7]where I[Dm7] am [C]ly..[Am]ing,
 And k[C]neel [C7]and [Am]say [Dm]an [Dm7]Ave t[F]here [G7]for [C]me.
 [C]And [Am]I s[G]hall h[C]ear, t[F]ho s[Dm7]oft ye tr[Am7]ead a[Dm]bov[C]e m[Am]e,
 [C]And t[Am]hen [G]my gr[C]ave w[F]ill [Dm7]richer, s[Dm]weeter [A7]be,
 [C]And [Am]you s[G]hall b[C]end and t[F]ell [Dm7]me [Am7]that [Dm7]you [C]love [Am]me,
 And [C]I s[C7]hall s[Am]leep in [Dm]peace [Dm7]until you [F]come [G7]to [C]me.
 [C]Oh D[Am]anny [F]Boy, [Dm]Oh Da[F]nny [Am]Boy, [Dm]I L[G7]ove Y[G]ou [C]So.