Song Information for Loving Arms

Song Title:Loving Arms
Artist:Presley, Elvis
{t:Loving Arms}
 {st:Elvis Presley}
 If you could s[A]ee me now
 [D]The one who sa[E7]id that he would ra[A]ther roam
 [D]The one who sa[E7]id he'd rather b[A]e alone
 [D]If you could o[E7]nly see me no[A]w
 [A]If I could hold you now
 [D]Just for a mom[E7]ent, if I could really m[A]ake you mine
 [D]Just for a whi[E7]le turn back the ha[A]nds of time
 [D]If I could on[E7]ly hold you n[A]ow[A7]
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 [D]Oh, I've been too long in the [E7]wind
 [A]Too long in the rai[D]n
 [D]Takin' any comf[E7]ort that I c[A]an[A7]
 [D]Lookin' back and long[E7]in' for the fre[A]edom of my cha[D]ins
 [D]And lying in your l[E7]ovin' arms ag[A]ain
 [A]If you could hear me now
 [D]Singin' somew[E7]here in the lone[A]ly night
 [D]Dreaming of the a[E7]rms that hol[A]d me tight
 [D]If you could o[E7]nly hear me n[A]ow
 [D]Oh , I've been too long in the wi[E7]nd
 [A]Too long in the r[D]ain
 [D]Takin' any c[E7]omfort that I c[A]an[A7]
 [D]Lookin' back and lon[E7]gin' for the freed[A]om of my chai[D]ns
 [D]And lying in your lo[E7]vin' arms aga[A]in
 [D]I can almost feel your l[E7]ovin' arms aga[A]in.