Song Information for Somebody Bigger Than You and I

Song Title:Somebody Bigger Than You and I
Artist:Presley, Elvis
{t:Somebody Bigger Than You and I}
 {st:Elvis Presley}
 Who made the mou[A]ntains
 [Dmaj7]Who made the [Amaj7]trees?
 [Dmaj7]Who made the ri[A]vers
 [Bm]Flow to the[E] sea?
 And [A]Who puts the[C#m] moon
 In the s[Dmaj7]tarry sky?[Bm7]
 [A]Somebody [F#m]bigger than[B7] you or[E] I.
 [A]Who made the flowers
 [Dmaj7]Bloom in the [Amaj7]spring?
 [Dmaj7]Who writes the [A]song
 For the [Bm]robin to[E] sing?
 And [A]Who sends th[C#m]e rain
 When the[Dmaj7] earth is [Bm7]dry?
 [A]Somebody [F#m]bigger than [B7]you and [E]I.
 [Bm]He lights the[E7] way
 When the[A] road is[F#m] dark,
 He[D] keeps you [E]comp[A]any
 With[E] love to[C#m] guide you,
 [Amaj7]He walks b[F#m7]eside you
 [A]Just like He[B] walks with[E] me.
 [(] [Esus] [E] [)] 
 [A]When I am weary,
 [Dmaj7]Filled with d[Amaj7]espair,
 [Dmaj7]Who gives me co[A]urage
 [Bm]To go on fr[E]om there?
 And [A]Who gives me[C#m] faith
 That wil[Dmaj7]l never di[Bm7]e?
 [A]Somebody [F#m]bigger than [B7]you and [E]I