Song Information for Fame and Fortune

Song Title:Fame and Fortune
Artist:Presley, Elvis
{t:Fame and Fortune}
 {st:Elvis Presley}
 Hey, i've gone over this over and over and it sounds correct! Dedicated to Anna Markova!
 By Glen Pettifer (aka mrpitiful)
 Verse 1.
 [C]Fame and [Em]fortune, [F]how empty [G7]they can [C]be,
 [Dm]but when i hold you [C]in my [Am]arms, [D7]that's heaven to [G7]me,
 [G7]who cares for [C]fame and [Em]fortune, [F]they're only [G7]passing [C]things,
 [Dm]but the touch of your [C]lips on [Am]mine, [D7]makes me [G7]feel like a k[C]ing.
 Verse 2.
 [C]Your kind of [F]love is a treasure i h[C]old,
 [C]It's so much [Am]greater [D7]than silver or [Dm]gold,
 Verse 3.
 [G7]I know that [C]i'd have [Em]nothing [F]if you should go [C]away,
 [Dm]But to know that you [C]love [Am]me brings, [Dm]fame and [G7]fortune my [C]way,
 [Dm]But to know that you [C]love [Am]me brings, [Dm]fame and [G7]fortune my [C]way.
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