Song Information for Far Away Places

Song Title:Far Away Places
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:Far Away Places}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 [D] [Am] [G] [C9] 
 [D/A] [A7] [D] [A] 
 (Verse 1)
 [D]Far away [D7]places with stra[D6]nge-sounding name[D7]s
 [D]Far away [Bm]over the s[E9]ea[A7]
 Those [D]far away [Am]places with the st[G]range-sounding na[C9]mes
 Are [D]callin', c[A7]allin' [D]me.
 (Verse 2)
 [D]Goin' to [D7]China, or [D6]maybe [D7]Siam
 [D]I want to [Bm]see for [E9]myse[A7]lf
 Those f[D]ar away p[Am]laces I've been re[G]ading abo[C9]ut
 In a [D]book that I too[A7]k from the she[D]lf.
 I s[G]tart gettin' [C9]restless [D]whenever I [D]hear
 the [Em]whistle[A7] of a [D]train.[D]
 I p[G]ray for the [C9]day I can get [D]underway[B7]
 And [E9]look for those c[E9]astles in [A]Spain.
 (Verse 3)
 They c[D]all me a dream[D7]er, well [D6]maybe I [D7]am
 [D]But I know that I'm [Bm]yearnin' t[E9]o se[A7]e
 Those f[D]ar away p[Am]laces with the [G]strange-s[C9]ounding names
 That are c[D]allin', c[A7]allin' [D]me.