Song Information for A Horse Called Music

Song Title:A Horse Called Music
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:A Horse Called Music}
{st:Willie Nelson}

[D]   [G]   [D]   [A7]    [D]                       

[D]High on a mountain on Western Mo[G]ntana   [D]
[D]A silowet moves [A7]cross a cinnamon [D]sky
[D]Riding along on a horse he calls music[G]
[D]With a song on his lips
[A7]And a tear in his [D]eye
[D]He dreams of a time
[G]And a lady who loved him
[D]And how he would sing her
S[D]weet lullabies         [A7]
[D]But we don't ever ask him
[G]And he never talks about h[D]er
[D]I guess it's just better
[A7]That we all let it s[D]lide
[G]And he sings ohhhh to the [D]lady's
[G]And ohhhh he makes them [D]sigh
[D]Then he rides away
[G]On a horse he calls [D]music
[D]The pain in his heart
[A7]And a tear in his [D]eye

[(Solo)] [D]   [G]   [D]  [A7]  [D]
[D]Now he wrote the music
[G]From Boston to [D]Bozmon
[D]Not to much money
[D]And way to much [A7]ride
[D]But those were the days
[G]When a horse he called [D]music
[D]The jump through the moon
[A7]And Flied across the [D]sky
[D]Now all that's left
[G]Is an old time worn [D]cowboy
[D]With only his dreams
[D]Of the days gone gone [A7]by
[D]And trailin behind
[G]Is a horse with no r[D]ider
[D]A horse he calls memories
[A7]That she used to [D]ride
[D]But he sang ohhhh [G]
[D]To the ladies
[D]And ohh[G]hh he damn near made some f[D]all right down and die
[D]Andhe'dd ride away
On a hor[G]se he called m[D]usic
[D]The pain in his heart
[A7]And a tear in his eye    [D]
[D]High on a mo[G]untain i[D]n Western Montana
[D]Two crosses cut [A7]through a cinnamon [D]sky
[D]Markin the place were
[G]A horse he called [D]music
[D]Lays with a cowboy
[A7]There by his s[D]ide

[D]    [G]   [D]   [A7]    [D]