Song Information for Satisfied Mind

Song Title:Satisfied Mind
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:Satisfied Mind}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 Satisfied Mind chords
 Willie Nelson (Red Hayes and Jack Rhodes)
 [C]How many [F]times [G]have you [G7]heard someone [C]say?
 if I had his [G]money[G7] I would [F]do things my [C]way
 But little they [G]know[G7] that it's [F]so hard to [C]find
 One rich man in [G]ten[G7] with a [F]satisfied [C]mind.
 [C]Once I was [G]wadin[G7]g in [F]fortune and [C]fame
 Everything that I [G]dreamed for[G7] to get a [F]start in life's [C]game,
 Then suddenly it [F]happen[G]ed, I [G7]lost every [C]dime.
 But I'm richer by [G]far[G7] with a [F]satisfied [C]mind.
 [C]Money can't [F]buy [G]back your [G7]youth when you're [C]old
 or A friend when you're [G]lonely[G7] or a [F]love that's grown [C]cold.
 The wealthiest [G]person[G7] is a [F]pauper at [C]times
 Compared to the [G]man[G7] with a [F]satisfied [C]mind.
 [C]When my life has [G]ended[G7], and my [F]time has run [C]out
 My friends and my [G]loved[G7] ones will [F]weep, there's no [C]doubt.
 But one thing for [F]cert[G]ain, when it [G7]comes my [C]time
 I'll leave this old [G]world[G7] with a [F]satisfied [C]mind.[G][G7][C]