Song Information for Georgia on My Mind

Song Title:Georgia on My Mind
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:Georgia on My Mind}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 Willie Nelson recorded this song in the key of C#. I transposed
 it to the key of C. Please send me e-mail if any of the chords do
 not sound right to you. (This is my first posting to any newsgroup,
 so I apologize in advance if I'm not doing it right.)
 [C]Georgia, [E7]Georgia[Am7], the [G7]whole day [F]through[F#dim]
 just an [C]old sweet [Edim]song keeps [Dm7]Georgi[G7]a on my [E7]mind[A7][D7][G7]
 [C]Georgia, [E7]Georgia[Am7], a [G7]song of [F]you[F#dim]
 Comes [C]sweet and [Edim]clear as [Dm7]moonligh[G7]t through the [C]pines[F][C][E7]
 [Am7]Other [Dm7]arms reach [Am7]out to [F]me
 [Am7]Other [Dm7]eyes sm[Am7]ile tender[D7]ly
 [Am7] Stil[F]l in peaceful [C]dreams I [Bdim]see the [Am7]road leads [C#dim]back to [Dm7]you[G7]
 [C]Georgia, [E7]Georgia[Am7], no p[G7]eace I fin[F]d[F#dim]
 just and [C]old sweet [Edim]song keeps [Dm7]Georgi[G7]a on my mind[C][F][C][G7]
 harmonica solo:
 [C]Georgia, [E7]Georgia[Am7], no p[G7]eace I f[F]ind[F#dim]
 Just a[C]nd old swe[Edim]et song k[Dm7]eeps Geo[G7]rgia on my mi[E7]nd[A7]
 Just and [Dm7]old sweet song keeps [G7]Georgia on my [C]mind[C][Bb][F]
 On my [C]mind[C][Bb][F]
 On my [C]mind[C][Bb][F]
 On my [C]mind[C][Bb][F]
 On my [C]mind[C][Bb][F]