Song Information for They All Went to Mexico

Song Title:They All Went to Mexico
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:They All Went to Mexico}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 [C]Where's my pal where's my friend,[G] all good things must have an end
 [Am]Sad things and nothing o[D]n and on they go, I[G] guess he went to Mexico
 [C]They all went to Mexico [G]buenas dias got to go
 [Am]Tengo que obedecer[D] mi corazon [G]they all went to Mexico
 [C]Where's my mule and where's my dray,[G] straw hats packed up and gone away
 [Am]The mule don't go north [D]and dray go slow,[G] they both went to Mexico
 [C]Where's my sweetie where's the face,[G] that lit dark corners every place
 [Am]She put up with me [D]long time you know,[G] and then she had to go to Mexico
 They all went to Mexico...
 Where's my brown dog where's my hound he liked my truck he hung around
 But he's a canine Romeo and I guess he went to Mexico
 Where's that woman so sweet so mean her heart was cautious her mind was keen
 She was always looking for the peccadillo I hope she went to Mexico
 They all went to Mexico...
 Where's December's happy crew with German bikes and sidecars too
 They take the truck south to St Louis MO motorcycle all the way to Mexico
 Where's my luck and where's my grace has it all been just a foolish chase
 Every time I hear that rainy chill wind blow I think it might be time to head to Mexico
 They all went to Mexico...