Song Information for The Party’s Over

Song Title:The Party’s Over
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:The Party’s Over}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 [G]Turn out the lights the[D7] party's [G]over
 They say that [D7]all good things must end
 Call it a [G]night the party's [C]over
 And tomorrow starts the [D7]same old thing [G]again
 --VERSE 1--
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 What a crazy crazy party never seen so many people
 Laughing dancing look at you you're having [D7]fun
 Look at me I'm almost crying but that don't keep her love from dying
 Misery calls for me the party's [G]over
 --VERSE 2--
 Once I had a love undying I didn't keep it I wasn't trying
 Life for me was just one party then [D7]another
 I broke her heart so many times had to have my party wine
 Then one day she said sweetheart the party's [G]over
 End on G