Song Information for Look What Thoughts Will Do

Song Title:Look What Thoughts Will Do
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:Look What Thoughts Will Do}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 Willie Nelson (Written By Lefty Frizzel) - Look What Thoughts Will Do
 [G]Once I thought I loved just you
 And I thought you loved me too
 B[D7]ut just look what thoughts will do
 F[G]or today you say we're through
 Now another wears the crown
 And you think that you have found
 J[D7]ust what makes your world go round
 W[G]atch those thoughts they'll get you down
 If within your future years
 Your new love should bring you tears
 T[D7]hen you'll think of me I'm sure
 B[G]ut those thoughts won't help you de(ar
 (Repeat 1st Verse)