Song Information for I’d Have to Be Crazy

Song Title:I’d Have to Be Crazy
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:I??d Have to Be Crazy}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 Song: I'd Have to be Crazy
 writer: S. Fromholz (poular by Willie Nelson)
 I'd h[E]ave to be c[E7]razy
 To s[E]top all my s[E7]ingin
 and [F#]never play [F]music aga[C]in.
 You'd [E]call me a [E7]fool
 If I [E]put on a [E7]top hat
 and [B7]ran out to f[B7]lag down the win[B7]d.[Em]
 I'd [E]have to be w[E7]eird
 to g[E]row me a bea[E7]rd...
 just to [A]see what the redknecks would [Am]do.
 But, I[E]'d have to be crazy
 [B7]plum out of m[B7]ind
 to f[A]all out of l[Am]ove with [E]you.
 Now [E]I know I've done w[E7]eird things
 I told p[E]eople I [E7]heard things
 when [F#]silence was a[F]ll that ab[C]ounds.
 Been d[E]ays when it pl[E7]eased me
 to [E]be on my k[E7]nees
 f[B7]ollowing ants as they c[B7]rawled cross the grou[B7]nd[Em]
 [E]I've been insane on a tr[E7]ain
 [E]But I'm still me a[E7]gain
 and the [A]place where i hold you is [Am]true...
 [E]So I know I'm al[E]right
 'case[B7] I'd have t[B7]o be cra[B7]zy
 to f[A]all out of [Am]love with y[E]ou...
 You know I
 ([E]and i don't i[F#]ntend to..[F])
 But s[F]hould there come a [E]day,
 [E]when I say that i don't [F#]love you
 [F]They can lock me a[B7]way--ay--[B7]AY
 [E]It sure would be[E7] dingy
 [E]to live in an en[E7]velope
 [F#]waiting [F]alone for a s[C]tamp
 and you'd [E]swear i was l[E7]oco
 to r[E]ub for a g[E7]enie
 w[B7]hile burning my[B7] hand on[B7] lamp[Em]
 [Em]and i may not be n[E]ormal
 but [Em]nobo-d-y i[E]s...
 So I[E]'d like to s[A]ay 'fore I'm t[Am]hrough
 [E]I'd have to be c[E]razy
 [B7]plum out of my m[B7]ind
 to f[A]all out of l[Am]ove with [E]you!!