Song Information for Time of the Preacher

Song Title:Time of the Preacher
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:Time of the Preacher}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 (Verse 1)
 It was a [C]time of the [F]preacher,
 when the story [C]began
 Of the choice of a [G7]lady
 and the love of a [C]man
 How he loved her so [F]dearly,
 he went out of his [C]mind,
 When she left him for [G7]someone,
 that she'd left [C]behind.
 (Verse 2)
 And he cried like a[F] baby
 And he screamed like a [F]panther in the middle of the [C]nigh
 And he saddled his [G7]pony
 and he went for a [C]ride
 It was a time of the [F]preacher
 in the year of O'[C]one
 Now the preaching is [G7]over
 and the lesson's [C]begun