Song Information for I Still Can’t Believe You’re Gone

Song Title:I Still Can’t Believe You’re Gone
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:I Still Can??t Believe You??re Gone}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 [A]This is the very first day since you l[D]eft me,
 and [A]I'm trying to put my thoughts [E]in a song
 B[A]ut all I can hear myself [D]saying,
 I[A]s I still can't [E]believe you're [A]gone.
 [A]I still can't believe that you'd le[D]ave me
 Wh[A]at did I do that was so wr[E]ong?
 Th[A]ere's too many unanswered que[D]stions, baby,
 a[A]nd I still can't b[E]elieve you're [A]gone
 But you're [E]gone and I'm alone,
 But I'm still [A]livin'
 I don't l[B]ike it, But I'll take it till I'm s[E]trong...
 a[A]nd all I can hear myself s[D]ayin', baby, is I s[A]till can't b[E]elieve you're
 I [A]still can't b[E]elieve you're g[A]one...