Song Information for Family Bible

Song Title:Family Bible
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:Family Bible}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 Song - Family Bible
 Artist - Willie Nelson
 Transcribed by - Matt Evans
 Verse: A D A
 There's a family bible on the table
 It's [F#m]pages [F#]worn and hard to [E]read
 But the [A]family [D]bible on the [A]table
 Will [D]ever be my [E]key to memor[A]ies
 Verse: D A
 At the end of day when work was over
 [F#m]And when the [F#]evening meal was [E]done
 Dad would [A]read to [D]us from the family[A] bible
 And we'd [D]count our many [E]blessings one by [A]one
 Chorus: D G D
 I can see us sittin' round the table
 As from the family bible Dad would[A] read
 And I can hear my [D]momma softly [A]singin'
 Rock of ages [D]Rock of [A]Ages [E]there for [A]me
 Verse: A D A
 Now this old world of ours is filled with trouble
 But this old [F#m]world would [F#]oh so better [E]be
 If we [A]had more [D]bibles round the [A]tables
 Mother singin' [D]Rock of [A]ages [E]there for [A]me
 Outro: D A E A
 Rock of ages Rock of ages there for me
 [A] [D] [F#m] [F#] [E] [G] 
 E X X 2 2 0 3
 A 0 X 4 4 2 2
 D 2 0 4 4 2 0
 G 2 2 2 3 1 0
 B 2 3 2 2 0 0
 e 0 0 2 2 0 3