Song Information for I Gotta Get Drunk

Song Title:I Gotta Get Drunk
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:I Gotta Get Drunk}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 Verse 1
 Well I [D]gotta get drunk and I [D7]sure do dread it
 cause I [G]know just what I'm gonna [D]do
 I'll [A7]start to [D]spend my money callin everybody honey
 and I'll [E7]wind up singin the bl[A7]ues
 I'll spend my [G]whole paycheck on s[D]ome old wreck
 And brother I can name you a [A7]few
 Well I [D]gotta get d[D7]runk and I s[G]ure do dread it
 cause I [D]know just w[A7]hat I'm gonna [D]do
 Verse 2
 I gotta get drunk, I just can't stay sober
 There's a lot of good people in town
 Who like to see me holler, see me spend my dollar
 and I wouldn't dream of lettin 'em down
 There's a lot of doctors tell me
 that I'b better start slowing it down
 But there's more old drunks than there are old doctors
 So I guess we'd better have another round
 Repeat Verse 1