Song Information for Funny How Time Slips Away

Song Title:Funny How Time Slips Away
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:Funny How Time Slips Away}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 [G]Well hello there [C]my it's been a long long [G]time
 How am I doin' [C]oh I guess that I'm doin' [G]fine
 It's been so long now but it [G7]seems now it was [C]only yester[A7]day
 Gee ain't it [D7]funny how [Am]time [D7] slips a[G]way
 How's your new love [C]I hope that he's doing [G]fine
 Heard you told him that you'd [C]love him till the end of [G]time
 Now that's the same thing that you [G7]told me seems like [C]just the other [A7]day
 Gee ain't it [D7]funny how [Am]time [D7]slips [G]away
 I gotta go now I [C]guess I'll see you a[G]round
 Don't know when though never [C]know when I'll be back in [G]town
 But remember what I [G7]tell you that in [C]time you're gonna [A7]pay
 And it's sur[D7]prising how [Am]time [D7]slips [G]away