Song Information for Little Things

Song Title:Little Things
Artist:Nelson, Willie
{t:Little Things}
 {st:Willie Nelson}
 I hope I won't d[G]isturb you with th[E7]is call [Am]
 I'm [D7]just in town for such a little [G]while
 And I thought perhaps you'd [E7]like to hear the [Am]news
 [A7]Jeannie's grades were the highest in the [D7]school
 [G]Billy sure does [E7]look a lot like [Am]you
 I [D7]understand your other son does [G]too
 And Billy said tell [E7]mom I miss her [Am]so
 These were some [G]little things I [D7]thought you'd like to [G]know
 Remember Sam and [E7]Peg who lived next [Am]door
 With [D7]them it seemed we always laughed so [G]much
 Well Sam and Peg don't [E7]live there any[Am]more
 I [A7]understand they broke up just like [D7]us
 The [G]house we lived in [E7]now has been torn [Am]down
 Of [D7]all the things we owned the last to [G]go
 A freeway now runs [E7]through that part of [Am]town
 These were some [G]little things that I [D7]thought you'd like to [G]know
 [Am]These were some [G]little things that I [D7]thought you'd like to [G]know