Song Information for La La La

Song Title:La La La
Artist:Naughty Boy
{t:La La La}
 {st:Naughty Boy}
 This tab is based on the Diana Vickers cover that can be seen here
 Its not the same key as the original but in my opinion the best acoustic version i've
 (Play the chords in the brackets bellow instead if you want to get the same sound as the
 original song. Intro wont work with that though)
 Em 779987 (F#m 244222)
 [D] [557775] [(E] [779997)] 
 [Em]Hush, don't spea[Bm]k
 [C]When you spit your venom, kee[C]p it shut I hate it
 [Em]When you hiss and [Bm]preach
 [C]About your new messiah 'cause [C]your theories catch fire
 [Em]I can't find those [Bm]silver linings
 [C]I don't mean to judge[C]
 [Em]But when you read y[Bm]our speech, it's tiring
 [C]Enough is enough[C]
 [Em]I'm covering my ears like a kid[Bm]
 [C]When your words mean nothing, I go la la la[C]
 [Em]I'm turning off the volume when you speak[Bm]
 Cause if my he[C]art can't stop it, I find a way to block it[D]
 I [Em]go la la, la la la la [Bm]la la la la la la
 La la, la l[C]a la...[D]
 I find a way to block it
 [Em]I go la la, la la la l[Bm]a la la la la la la
 La la, la la la[C]...
 Pretty much that repeated throughout.
 The guy in the video does some variations or something just before the verses and
 occasionally replaces the D's with something else but i couldn't work it out and sounds just
 as good with a D if, like me, you want to keep it basic.
 Hope it helps. Please leave any comment or corrections.