Song Information for My Father’s Son

Song Title:My Father’s Son
Artist:Montgomery Gentry
{t:My Father??s Son}
 {st:Montgomery Gentry}
 Date: 2/10/02; 3:35 pm
 From: Jacob Groves (
 Subject: My Father?s Son
 My Father?s Son (Dan Colehour, Scooter Carusoe)
 As recorded by Montgomery Gentry, on ?Carrying On?
 [C]Old white washed barn door[G]s
 [D]Rain rusted tin
 [C]Straw packed shirt and blue[G] jeans
 [D]Hangin' in the wind
 [C]There's never time for these bon[G]es to me[D]nd
 [C]Up before the sun dr[G]ies
 [D]The frost on my fields
 [C]I've got the diesel burn[G]in'
 [D]Turnin' these four wheels
 [C]Across this land I [G]been handed do[D]wn
 [C]Feel my roots run [G]deep in this groun[D]d
 [G]So stand me up tall[D] in this seat
 [C]Lord help me guide this [G]plow beneath my f[D]eet
 [G]And turn this earth ov[D]er one more time
 [C]Some say this wa[G]y of life is don[D]e
 [C]But not for my father's so[G]n
 [C]Three Generation[G]s
 [D]Before I ever came
 [C]Cut back these timber[G]s
 [D]And bet their lives on grain
 [C]And I want to see just o[G]nce before I die[D]
 [C]Us doin' more than just b[G]arely getting b[D]y
 [C]Now and then I walk m[G]y fence
 [D]Down by the old country road
 [C]And watch the cars go rushi[G]n' by
 [D]And disappear like ghosts
 [C]Out where the sky me[G]ets the amber wa[D]ves
 [C]Yeah I'm a rock in th[G]is land God ma[D]de
 CGD Fade Out