Song Information for Russian House DJ

Song Title:Russian House DJ
{t:Russian House DJ}
 Intro: E
 E B E/G# A x2
 Verse 1: Ryan Rockwell
 [E] I [B]felt the [E/G#]sun
 as it [A]woke me [E]up
 You s[B]tayed in [E/G#]bed
 I took the [A]morning
 [E]off I s[B]lept out[E/G#]side
 on the [A]deck
 It was [E]fine Too
 cold to [B]walk so
 we can [E/G#]just drive[A]
 Interlude: E B E/G# x2
 Verse 2: Maura Weaver
 [E] This [B]town seems s[E/G#]mall
 but I [A]like it that
 [E]way When I [B]feel a[E/G#]lone
 I know you're [A]just a
 call a[E]way For[B]get the
 [E/G#]things we used to
 [A]know as [E]truths and
 I'll [B]pull this [E/G#]tooth[A]
 Chorus: Ryan Rockwell
 [E] I never [B]know what to
 [E/G#]say but I [A]like it that
 [E]way I always [B]did it my [E/G#]own
 way and we [A]liked it that
 [E]way We spent the [B]nights
 getting [E/G#]lost and always
 [A]finding our [E]way back
 [B]home And I was [E/G#]happy[A]
 Maura Weaver sings in backup:
 Hey it's hard to
 say Why we're getting
 older You say Wait
 and I can't stand
 to wait cause we're
 getting colder
 E F#m G#m x8
 end on E(hold)