Song Information for Time Has Come

Song Title:Time Has Come
{t:Time Has Come}
 Intro E11 B5 E/B B5 E/D E5
 [B5]There is a season for everything
 [E5] there is a reason for all things here on earth
 [B5] every second of every moment seems to have its[E5] worth
 [G]rest assured life's not in vain
 for all [E7]things work here for His fame.
 [D]Time has come to raise our hearts a[G]s one
 and glorify t[C]he God of everything [G]
 we liv[D]e our lives for the renown [G]of Christ
 oh we are children [Bm]of the sovereign King.[G]
 Interlude - guitar from intro
 [B5] [B5] [E/D] [E5] 
 [B5] From the moment of our first breath
 [E5] to the second we bid this world goodbye
 [B5] and everything that is in between was made to magnify
 The One [G]who holds all things in place
 The Ruler[E7] over time and space.
 (Lower Vocal Melody Chorus)
 End with G
 Song was recorded a half step lower.