Song Information for My Secret Flame

Song Title:My Secret Flame
Artist:Mavericks, The
{t:My Secret Flame}
 {st:The Mavericks}
 My Secret Flame--The Mavericks
 Album-- Music for All Occasions
 Intro- C C Em7 Em7
 Verse- You'll never kn[C]ow, I'll never t[Em7]ell
 I've learned t[C]o hide my feelings w[Em7]ell
 But my heart beats [F]fast when it hears your n[Em7]ame
 And you'll always [C]be my secret fl[Em7]ame
 Verse2:[C]You've got someone who holds your [Em7]heart
 To say [C]anything would not be s[Em7]mart
 But my love for [F]you will never ch[Em7]ange
 And you'll always [C]be my secret fl[Em7]ame
 Chorus:I have this[F] dream of me and y[Em7]ou
 I pray some[C] day, some way, it will come t[Em7]rue
 Verse3:So I'll t[C]rust in time, you'll feel the s[Em7]ame
 And then you'll[C] be my secret fl[Em7]ame
 Solo: C C Em7 Em7 C C Em7
 Verse4:So I sleep a[C]lone, but not in v[Em7]ain
 And each night [C]I hold my secret fl[Em7]ame
 And you'll always [C]be my secret fla[Em7]me[Em7]
 Use this form of Em7--020033 :):)