Song Information for Neon Blue

Song Title:Neon Blue
Artist:Mavericks, The
{t:Neon Blue}
 {st:The Mavericks}
 Neon Blue
 By Mavericks
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 [A]And when the [D]sun goes down, [E]your memeory still [D]hanging '[A]roun
 [D]Inside this [A]honky tonk [D]where I think of [Bm]you[C#m]
 [A]The flashing [D]lights shine bright[E] and sparkle [D]in the [A]night
 [D]and my heart [A]tu[E]rns a ne[A]on blue
 I see your emerald eyes your ruby lips are mine
 Remembering all the love that we once knew
 Red dress hangs on the door, black high heels on the floor
 And my heart turns a neon blue
 [D]What a cold, cold [A]sensation[E] from night into [A]day
 [D]Temptation, [A]temptation,[B7] has taking you a[E]way
 [A]I see your [D]emerald eyes,[E] your ru[D]by lips are [A]mine
 [D]And my heart [A]tur[E]ns a ne[A]on blue
 And when the sun goes down, your memory still hanging 'round
 Leaving my heart a neon blue
 Turning my heart a neon blue