Song Information for All That Heaven Will Allow

Song Title:All That Heaven Will Allow
Artist:Mavericks, The
{t:All That Heaven Will Allow}
 {st:The Mavericks}
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 #All That Heaven Will Allow - Bruce Springsteen
 #| C | C | G | G | D4 | D N.C.
 I got a dollar in my [G]pocket [C]there ain't a cloud up above[G]
 [D]I got a picture in a l[G]ocket[C] that says baby I love[D] you
 Well if you didn't look then[C] boys then fellas don't go lookin' [G]now
 Well here she comes a-[C]walkin' [D]all that heaven will a[G]llow
 [D]Say hey there mister bo[G]uncer [C]now all I wanna dance[G]
 [D]But I swear I left my w[G]allet [C]back home in my workin' p[D]ants
 C'mon Slim slip me in[C] man I'll make it up to you someho[G]w
 I can't be late I got a d[C]ate with a[D]ll that heaven will a[G]llow
 Rain and storm and [C]dark skies well now they don't mean a t[Em]hing
 If you got a girl that lo[C]ves you[D] and who wants to wear your r[G]ing
 So c'mon mister tr[C]ouble we'll make it through you some[Em]how
 We'll fill this house with all the l[C]ove [D]all that heaven will al[G]low
 [D]Now some may wanna die young[G] man [C]young and gloriousl[G]y
 [D]Get it straight now mis[G]ter h[C]ey buddy that ain't m[D]e
 'Cause I got something on my m[C]ind that sets me straight and walking pr[G]oud
 And I want all the t[C]ime a[D]ll that heaven will al[G]low
 Bm C D C | C | G | G | Am7 | C7 | G |
 Yeah, I want all the time all that heaveb will allow
 [G] [C] [D] [Em] [Bm] [Am7] [C7]