Song Information for Spaceman

Song Title:Spaceman
Artist:Matthews, Dave, Band
 {st:Dave Matthews Band}
 Not quite the album version, but a close estimate to how to play it solo acoustic.
 This is my first tab, comments are always welcome
 E -----------------------------------------------------------------|
 B -----2----3---0--------------------------------------------------|
 G -------2-------------0*--2----0---2------------------------------|
 D ---2--------2------0---------------------------------------------|
 A -0------0--------------------------------------------------------|
 E ----------------3----------2----2--------------------------------|
 *At the transition between verse and prechorus, end here and play the Bar Fmaj chord
 Pre Chorus
 [F] [-] [G] [-] [A] 
 [F] [-] [G] [-] [A] 
 [F] [-] [G] 
 [D] [-] [A] [-] [Bm] [-] [G] 
 [D] [-] [A] [-] [C] [-] [A] 
 [D] [-] [A] [-] [Bm] [-] [G] 
 [F] [-] [G]