Song Information for What You Are

Song Title:What You Are
Artist:Matthews, Dave, Band
{t:What You Are}
 {st:Dave Matthews Band}
 Standard Tuned
 Riff 1
 I w[F#]alk into this room, all eyes on me now
 But I do not know [D]the people inside[C#][B][A][G#]
 Look strai[F#]ght through me these eyes
 Seeking more wisdom than I[D] have to give away[C#][B][A][G#]
 Rea[F#]lize what you are
 What you[A]'ve become just as I have[G]
 Are you [D]and I so unalike[C]
 Huddled [A]here you just as I am[G]
 Afraid i[D]f we dance we will die[C]
 Mock th[A]e world live safe say why[G][D][C]
 Don't y[A]ou know when you give life[G]
 D C riff 1 F#
 Then you become what you are
 Th[F#]e sea is unsparing
 We're all drifting away
 Away f[D]rom you, but I pray [C#]for you n[B]ow[A][G#]
 Hopin[F#]g to god on high
 Is like clinging to straws while drowning realize realize what [D]you are[C#][B][A][G#]
 What [F#]you are is a best in a l[E]over's arms[F#]
 What [F#]you are is the devil in [E]a sweet sweet kiss[F#]
 What [F#]you are is a puzzle to m[E]e[F#]
 Play the riff before the F# everytime in the verse
 F# = x 9 11 11 x x x (for verse)
 D = 10 12 12 x x x
 C# = 9 11 11 x x x
 B = 7 9 9 x x x
 A = 5 7 7 x x x
 G# = 4 6 6 x x x
 C = 8 10 10 x x x