Song Information for Lover Lay Down

Song Title:Lover Lay Down
Artist:Matthews, Dave, Band
{t:Lover Lay Down}
 {st:Dave Matthews Band}
 Dave Matthews Band
 Lover Lay Down (Live)
 Live At Red Rocks 15.8.1995
 Intro & Verses:
 [D/F#] [G] [A] [Bm] [D/F#] 
 ()Accentuate this note.
 You can use complete chords if you want.
 This is just the basic.
 Spring sweet rhythm dance in my head,
 slip into my lover's hands,
 kiss me won't you kiss me now,
 and sleep I would inside your mouth.
 Don't be us too shy,
 for knowing it's no big surprise,
 that I will wait for you,
 I will wait for no one but you.
 [A]Oh please lover l[E/G#]ay down
 [G]spend this time with [Bm]me
 Together sha[A]re this sm[E/G#]ile
 Lover lay do[G]wn[Bm][A]
 Walk with me, walk with you,
 hold my hands your hands,
 so much we have dreamed,
 and you were so much younger,
 hard to explain that we are stronger.
 [A]a million reasons life[E/G#] to deny
 [G]let's toss them away
 s[Bm]ee you and me we
 [A]lay down look see
 [E/G#]she and he
 [G] [Bm] 
 Together share this smi[A]le
 each other's[E/G#] tears to cry[G][Bm]
 Together sha[A]re this smile
 lover lay d[E/G#]own
 oh please oh please
 please lover lay down
 oh please lover lay down
 and you weep lover lay down
 cause it's over lover lay down
 could I love you
 could you love me
 could I love you
 could you love me
 could I love you
 could you love me
 could I love you
 darling it's all the same
 all the same, all the same, all the same..
 'til we dance away
 Sax Solo.
 chasing me all around
 leading me all around
 leading me all around in circles
 say...., say.....