Song Information for White Horse

Song Title:White Horse
Artist:Matthew, Scott
{t:White Horse}
 {st:Scott Matthew}
 I didn't find the chords for this song on the internet so i thought i should figure them
 out and poste them. They're not accurate, because Matthew uses difficult chords, which
 are only simple for Ukulele, and because i was too lazy.
 in verse: picking
 in chorus: strumming every chord just once
 ( Tab from: )
 verse 1:
 [Bm]shepherd me from [A]pain and the [G]doubt
 through the broken streets and the hearts
 herd me home through hurt and the past
 then leave me alone you have no choice
 and now there is a [Em]white horse [D]caged in my [G]heart
 and it's going to kill me just to get out
 now there is a white horse caged in my heart
 and it's trying to kill me just to get out
 verse 2: (like verse 1)
 though we're different creeds, wear different masks
 If you only could conceive that there's a chance
 and hell is bent on showing me the dark
 shepherd me to light, make it stop.
 by Max