Song Information for Cardiff Afterlife

Song Title:Cardiff Afterlife
Artist:Manic Street Preachers
{t:Cardiff Afterlife}
 {st:Manic Street Preachers}
 Intro - guitar riff is...
 G2(A), B1(C), G0(G), B1(C), D3(F), B1(C), D2(E), A3(C), A2(B), A0(A)
 Am / Fmaj7 / G / Em / Fmaj7 / Dm7 / Bm then dropdown (E E, D D, C C, B B)
 If the [Am]love between us [Fmaj7] has faded aw[G]ay[Em]
 Fmaj7 Dm7 Bm (E E, D D, C C, B B)
 Left in the rain, scratching at the stains
 The par[Am]alysed future[Fmaj7], the past sideways [G]scrawl[Em]
 I must give [Fmaj7]up on this, [Dm7] it makes no sense at [Bm]all
 Makes no [Fmaj7]sense at all
 In the Cardiff [A]afterlife,
 In the Cardiff [A]afterlife
 We sense the breaking [Am]of our lives
 In the Cardiff [A]afterlife
 Play opening guitar riff again...
 In the Cardiff afterlife
 ...and its basically the same pattern all the way through.
 A truly beautiful song about the disappearance of Richey James Edwards.