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Song Title:Yes
Artist:Manic Street Preachers
 {st:Manic Street Preachers}
 YES by
 ___Manic Street Preachers___
 written by James Dean Bradfield/Richey James/Nicky Wire/Sean Moore
 tabbed by someone, amended by Karim Adab
 Main riff (riff 1):
 D-----7-6-------4-6-4-6-(4)---- extra notes in brackets played where "riff 2" is shown
 This goes up an octave at the end of the third verse and can be played using the same
 pattern on the B and E strings :
 E = 022100
 G#m = 466444
 F#m = 244222
 G#m7 = 464444
 F#m7 = 242222
 A = 577655
 A5 = 577xxx
 B = 799877
 C#m = xx6654
 C# = x4666x
 riff 1 riff 2
 For sale? Dumb cunt's same dumb question
 riff 1 riff 2
 Virgins? Listen, all virgins are liars honey
 riff 1 riff 2
 And I don't know what I'm scared of, or what I even enjoy
 riff 1 riff 2
 Dulling, get money back, nothing turns out like you want it to
 [A]In these plagued streets___of [G#m]pity you can [F#m]buy [E]anything, for
 [C#]200 anyone can conceive a god on [G#m]video
 [A]He's a boy_______ you [G#m]want a girl [F#m]so tear [E]off his cock
 [C#]tie his hair in bunches, fuck him call him Rita if you [G#m]want___
 if you [B]want
 I [E]eat and I dress and I [F#m7]wash and I still can say [G#m7]thank
 you puking, shaking, [A]sinking, I still stand for [B]old ladies
 C#m ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 can't shout, can't scream, hurt myself to get pain out
 ^^^^ = play riff below
 E----0000000000000 etc
 There you go. Suggestions/rants/love :
 Karim Adab