Song Information for Roses in the Hospital

Song Title:Roses in the Hospital
Artist:Manic Street Preachers
{t:Roses in the Hospital}
 {st:Manic Street Preachers}
 Member Name: the edge
 Real Name: Alan Kells
 Roses in the Hospital Guitar TAB
 A# 688766 Cm x35543 G# 466544 G 355433 F 133211 Am 002210
 [A#]Roses in the hospital
 [Cm]Try to pull my fingernails out
 [G#]Roses in the hospital
 [A#]I wanna cling to something soft
 etc etc etc...
 [G]All we wanted was a h[Am]ome
 Now we are so strung out[F] we have to [Am]own
 [G]Like a leaf in the autumn b[Am]reeze
 [F]Like a flood in januar[G]y
 We don't want your f******g love.