Song Information for VIP

Song Title:VIP
Artist:Manic Drive
 {st:Manic Drive}
 (It's the same during the whole song!)
 [F#m7] [E] [B] 
 Down Down Up Down Down Down Up Down Up
 Verse 1:
 [F#m7]Ladies and gents
 [E]Welcome to th[B]e rock show
 [F#m7]Center spotlight
 [E]And we watch [B]the stage glow
 [F#m7]Backstage access
 [E]But you're seate[B]d at the front row
 [F#m7]House lights shut off
 [E]And here [B]we go
 [F#m7]Get up, like you[E]'re one[B] in a million
 [F#m7]Get up, like a diamo[E]nd you're[B] brilliant
 [F#m7]Get up, oh don'[E]t stop bel[B]ieving
 [F#m7]You're a st[E]ar tonight[B]
 [F#m7]Like we're rocking our shades at night on the way to the show
 [E]Cruising in the back of a Cadillac [B]limo
 [F#m7]Hit the red carpet pass the velvet ropes (a[E]h ah ah yeah)[B]
 Like we got an all [F#m7]access pass to the show tonight
 [E]Paparazzi shot me and my[B] suit and tie
 [F#m7]Heaven's got me feeling like I'm so alive
 We're meant to be
 We're meant to be
 We're meant to be
 [F#m7]V.I.P ([E]ah a[B]h ah)
 We're meant to be
 We?re meant to be
 We're meant to be
 [F#m7]V.I.P ([E]ah a[B]h ah)
 Verse 2:
 [F#m7]No ticket price
 [E]Names on gues[B]t list tonight
 [F#m7]Just flash your pass
 [E]And walk thro[B]ugh all the waiting lines
 [F#m7]Selected and you[E]'re destined [B]for the spotlight
 [F#m7]Chosen and free, you're [E]born to be [B]
 [F#m7]Get up, like you[E]'re one in a [B]million
 [F#m7]Get up, like a d[E]iamond y[B]ou're brilliant
 [F#m7]Get up, oh do[E]n't stop[B] believing
 [F#m7]You're a st[E]ar tonig[B]ht
 Verse 3:
 [F#m7]Get the flash out my eyes
 [E]Ya, my[B] future bright
 [F#m7]Paparazzi all around me
 [E]Trying [B]to catch my life
 [F#m7]What they don't know isn't gonna matter
 Cause the better par[E]ts of me ain't gonna ca[B]pture with a lens
 [F#m7]But the fact that I'm created with a purpose
 that is great[E]er than the status that the w[B]orld is trying to lend
 [F#m7]But I'm backstage, everyday
 [E]All access[B], never wait
 [F#m7]Fly first class, see you at the gate
 [E]God is so good,[B] na man God great
 [F#m7]And there'll never be a time that you wait in line
 [E]He already paid [B]your cover, it's about time
 [F#m7]That you live life bigger than before
 [E]VIP jus[B]t walk through the door
 (Chorus) (2x)