Song Information for Jump Mountain Blues

Song Title:Jump Mountain Blues
Artist:Mandolin Orange
{t:Jump Mountain Blues}
 {st:Mandolin Orange}
 Every little thi[Bm]ng you do's a small remi[D]nder, now all I[Bm] see[D]
 [Em]Cause here upon a mountain peak[(sn] fal[D]li[C#]ng [B]do[A)]wn on [D]me
 [Em]looking out over [Bm]all of Shenan[A]doah
 Em Bm A Em (sn d c# b a) D
 The rocks below could never understand little darlin', all they stole from me
 [Bm] [D] [Bm][D]
 [Bm]Every little thought of y[D]ou, a small rem[Bm]inder of my regre[D]ts
 [Em]If only you'd known [(sn]true[D] h[C#]app[B]in[A)D]ess
 [Em]Baby one last ghost could b[Bm]e just a lost [A]kin(?)
 [Em]Rolling these hills[Bm] of Rock[A] Ridge [Em]County
 [D]Round Ro[G]und you go
 [D]mountain[G] high valley low
 you kn[A]ow i'll never lose these ol[Asus]d Jum[A]p M[Asus]ounta[A]in Blu[Em]es
 [Em] [Bm] [A] [Em] [Bm][A]
 [A] [Asus] [A] [Asus]
 [D]Round Roun[G]d you go
 [D]mountain high [G]valley low
 [D]round round y[G]ou go
 [D]mountain high v[G]alley low
 [D]round round you [G]go ( you know I'll never lose)
 [D]mountain high va[G]lley low ( Those old Jump Mountain Blues)
 [D]you know i'll ne[G]ver lose