Song Information for The Runaround

Song Title:The Runaround
Artist:Mandolin Orange
{t:The Runaround}
 {st:Mandolin Orange}
 [Fmaj7/C]Freight liners rollin‚?? down the[G] highway, someday, some
 [Fmaj7/C]time ago the line was laid to re[G]st
 [Fmaj7/C]Ships are makin‚?? waves for a[G] traveler, like a jet airliner
 [Fmaj7/C]does, it's all here and gone, and never[G] missed
 But t[Am7]rue love, ain't t[G]rue love, without [Dmaj7]you
 Walk a [C/G]mile or two alone, it wa‚??nt[G] long before I knew
 That t[Am7]rue love, ain't t[Em7]rue love, with[Dmaj7]out you
 (Instrumental) Am7 C/G G Dmaj7
 Well[Fmaj7/C] mornin' time's a-brewin, it's a b[G]rand new, electric coffee
 [Fmaj7/C]maker, percolator, it's no [G]use.
 [Fmaj7/C]A sip is just a sip, makes the m[G]ornings, brighter still, an‚?? if you're
 [Fmaj7/C]on the go you can grab some Joe at the d[G]rive-thru[G/G#]
 (Intro) x1 (Am7)
 [Fmaj7/C]Blue‚?¶‚?¶[G]‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶I'm so blue. Got the
 [Fmaj7/C]runaround in my hometown it's t[G]rue.
 All the [Fmaj7/C]cotton gins are hung, by n[G]ow are sound asleep. Still
 [Fmaj7/C]half in debt at the end I bet just a b[G]ed ol‚?? cotton sheets. But
 [Fmaj7/C]true love, ain't [Am7]true love without[G] you.