Song Information for I Need You

Song Title:I Need You
Artist:Lynyrd Skynyrd
{t:I Need You}
 {st:Lynyrd Skynyrd}
 Album- Second Helping
 In the key of A minor
 Moderately slow-blues pentatonic
 these are the chords for the verses and choruses, except for the outros on the verses
 [Am] [C] [D] [G] [D/F#] [F] 
 e- 0----0----2----3----0-----1
 b- 1----1----3----3----3-----1
 G- 2----0----2----0----2-----4
 D- 2----2----0----0----0-----3
 A- 0----3---------2----0-----3
 E- ---------------3----2-----1
 ( Tab from: )
 verse 1
 Ain't no need to w[Am]orry[C]
 [D]Ain't no use in c[Am]ryin
 [Am]Cause i'll be comin [C]home soon[D]
 To keep you satisf[Am]ied
 [Am]You know i get so lo[C]nely[D]
 That i feel i can't go [Am]on
 [Am]but it feels so good in[G]side baby
 [D/F#]Just to call[F] you on the tel[Am]ephone
 [Am]And i say
 [Am]ooh baby i lov[C]e you[D]
 what more can i [Am]say
 [Am]ooh baby i [C]nee-ee-eed you ooh[D]
 i miss you more every[Am]day
 that's it, great tune, my favorite from skynyrd, i think it's the bluesiest, but that's just me,