Song Information for I Won’t Leave You

Song Title:I Won’t Leave You
Artist:Lynne, Shelby
{t:I Won??t Leave You}
 {st:Shelby Lynne}
 [C]Come in out of the r[F]ain
 It's mo[C]rning aga[F]in
 I u[C]nders[F]tand
 [C]Hope [F]you n[Dm]eed me w[G]hen you're well
 [Dm]What the [G]hell
 I wont l[C]eave [F]you
 [Am]Oh my, can [G]see the time,
 Has [F]come for you to [C]cry
 [Am]Oh my, can't say good[G]bye
 [F]Lovin you is the r[C]eason
 [C]Sleep now, r[F]est your [C]head,
 [C]Sleep your [F]pain,
 [C]When you [F]play, [C]in y[F]our [Dm]dreams so s[G]afe to [F]see
 [Dm]It's your [G]time, [Dm]we got [G]time,
 But I won't l[C]eave y[F]ou
 [C]I won't [F]leave you.
 (Thanks to erin ronningen for tabs)