Song Information for The Thief

Song Title:The Thief
Artist:Lynne, Shelby
{t:The Thief}
 {st:Shelby Lynne}
 Shelby Lynne
 Capo 5
 [Dm]{Ver[Em]se 1[F]}[G]
 [C]Cold on a Friday after[Em]noon
 [F]You‚??re on the other sid[G]e of the room.
 [C]Even with the fire burning [Em]strong
 [F]It‚??s chilly when I think about us
 [G]Living all alone
 [F]If I thought a million bucks
 [Em]Could make you want to just stand up
 [Dm]And walk into my [G]love like [C]before.
 [F]I‚??d rob a rich mans diamond mine
 [Em]And make you be my valentine
 [Dm]Say the word and I‚??ll become
 [G]A thief
 {Verse 2}
 [C]Voice in the wind sings through the [Em]trees
 [Dm]Reminds me of the nights together[G], you and me
 [C]As we sit parted listening to a [Em]song
 [Dm]I think of you and hope you‚??ll want me
 [G]Once again