Song Information for Where Am I Now

Song Title:Where Am I Now
Artist:Lynne, Shelby
{t:Where Am I Now}
 {st:Shelby Lynne}
 Capo 2
 Intro: D A Bm F#m A
 Verse 1:
 [D]I thought I was moving but my [A]legs were broken
 [Bm]Words were coming out but they were left unspoken
 [G]Maybe I was dreaming in my [A]head, in my [D]head.[A]
 [D]Memories were noted but I [A]hadnít lived them
 [Bm]Swords were on my heart but I had long forgived them
 [G]Funny how the hurtful [A]voices seem to [D]slip away.[A]
 [D]Where [A]Am I [Bm]Now
 [F#m]I donít know [A]how
 I [G]wound up in this [A]place a[D]gain.
 [D]How [A]Am I [Bm]now
 Just [F#m]bringing me [A]down.
 Iím [G]looking for a house where the [A]door is open
 My [D]bodyís moving fast but my [Bm]spiritís broken.
 [G]Where [A]Am I [D]Now
 Verse 2:
 Oh anytime you break and turn the cycles change
 Water starts pouring down your face again
 You find yourself falling in the safety net you used to call home.
 When you focus all your little thoughts and troubles
 To the place of clear and cloudy clouds that rumble
 Standing in a field of open avenues with no place to go.
 Repeat chorus
 Instrumental: D A Bm F#m A G A D G A D
 Verse 3:
 Oh my lips are set and parted but my head is empty
 I try to spit it out but it wonít resempt me
 Tellingís just talking that turns into speeches
 Doesnít aid the body with the hand that reaches
 Stumble in the void to find thereís no one there.
 Repeat Chorus
 Outro: D A Bm F#m A G A D G A D