Song Information for Save Me Now

Song Title:Save Me Now
Artist:Lynne, Jeff
{t:Save Me Now}
 {st:Jeff Lynne}
 Lines: 56
 This is a pretty little ditty off of Jeff Lynne's (formerly of ELO) latest
 solo album _Armchair Theatre_.
 Save Me Now
 Intro: Fingerpicking a D chord
 [D]One day the earth woke up, said
 [G]"Boy I feel half[D] dead
 [D]Somebody's turning up the [F#m]poison
 And It's [G]getting in my [A]head
 [D]Sometimes I wish my guests
 would [G]move away some[D]where
 [D]Yes I'm burning up all [G]over
 I can't [A]even breathe the air[D][G]
 Chorus: D A Bm G
 Save me now, Save me now, Save me now come on and
 Save me n[D]ow, Save me n[A]ow, Save me no[D]w"
 Verse 2:
 One day the earth woke up, said
 "Boy it's getting hot
 And remember all those trees I had
 Well now there ain't a lot
 And my eyes kept slowly trickling
 Down to where the party's at
 And if everybody's going there well
 That's the end of that"
 Chord Formation:
 D xx0232
 G 320003
 F#m 244222 (barre on 2nd fret)
 A x02210
 Bm x24432 (barre on 2nd fret)
 Sekhar Narayanaswami "The waiting is the hardest part
 You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
 The waiting is the hardest part" - Tom Petty