Song Information for Van Lear Rose

Song Title:Van Lear Rose
Artist:Lynn, Loretta
{t:Van Lear Rose}
 {st:Loretta Lynn}
 [G]One of my fondest memories
 Was [C]sittin' on my daddy's knee
 [G]Listenin' to the stories that he told
 [G]He'd pull out that old photograph
 Like a [C]treasured memory from the past, and say
 "[G]Child, this [D]here's the Van Lear [G]Rose"
 [G]Oh, how it would bring a smile
 [C]When he talked about her big, blue eyes
 [G]And how her beauty ran down to her soul
 [G]She'd walk across the coal miner's yard
 The[C]m miners would yell loud and hard
 [G]And they'd drea[D]m of who would hold the [G]Van Lear Rose
 She was the belle of Johnson county
 Ohio [G]river to Big Sandy
 A [D]beauty to behold like a [G]diamond in the coal
 All the [C]miners they would gather 'round
 And [G]talk about the man that came to town
 Right [D]under their nose, stole the heart of the V[G]an Lear Rose
 [G]Now, the Van Lear Rose could of had her pick
 [C]And all the fellers figured rich
 [G]Until this poor boy caught her eye
 [G]His buddies would all laugh and say,
 [C]"You're dreamin' boy,she'll never look your way
 [G]You'll never, e[D]ver hold the Van Lea[G]r Rose"
 [G]Then one night in mid-July
 [C]Underneath that old blue Kentucky sky
 [G]Well, that poor boy won that beauty's heart
 Then my daddy would look at my mommy and smile
 As he [C]brushed the hair back from my eyes and he'd say,
 "Your [G]mama, [D]she's the Van Lear [G]Rose"
 Rig[D]ht under their nose, stole the h[G]eart of the Van Lear Rose