Song Information for You’re Lookin’ at Country

Song Title:You’re Lookin’ at Country
Artist:Lynn, Loretta
{t:You??re Lookin?? at Country}
 {st:Loretta Lynn}
 Words and music by Loretta Lynn
 [A] Well, I like my lovin' done country style
 And [D] this little girl would walk a country mile
 To [A] find her a good old slow-talkin' country [E] boy,
 I said a country boy [E7]
 I'm [A] about as old-fashioned as I can be
 And I [D] hope you're likin' what you [A] see
 'Cause if you're lookin' at [E] me
 You're lookin' at [A] country.
 You don't [D] see no city when you look at me
 'Cause, [A] country's all I am
 I love [D] runnin' bare-footed through the old corn fields
 And I [D/F#] love that country [E] ham-ha-ham [E7]
 Well, you [A] say I'm made just to fit your plans
 But does a [D] barnyard shovel fit your [A] hands
 If your eyes are on [E] me
 You're lookin' at [A] country.
 This here country is a little green
 And there's a lot of country that-a you ain't seen
 I'll show you around if you'll show me a weddin' band
 I said a weddin' band
 When it comes to love, well, I know about that
 Country folks
 If you're lookin' at me
 You're lookin' at country.
 TAG: Last line of chorus.
 Note. D/F#=oo4323