Song Information for Ten Thousand Angels

Song Title:Ten Thousand Angels
Artist:Lynn, Loretta
{t:Ten Thousand Angels}
 {st:Loretta Lynn}
 Recorded by Loretta Lynn
 Written by Ray Overholt
 [G]He could have [C]called ten thousand [G]angels
 They bound the hands of Jesus in the [D7]garden where He [G]prayed
 They [C]led Him through the streets in [G]shame
 They spat upon the Savior so [D7]pure and free from [G]sin
 They said [Am]crucify Him [D7]He's to [G]blame
 [G7]He could have [C]called ten thousand [G]angels
 To destroy the world and set Him free
 [G7]He could have [C]called ten thousand [G]angels
 But He died alone [D7]for you and [G]me
 Upon His precious head they [D7]placed a crown of [G]thorns
 They [C]laughed and said behold the [G]king
 They struck Him and they cursed Him and [D7]mocked His holy [G]name
 And all [Am]alone He [D7]suffered every[G]thing
 Repeat #2