Song Information for Before I’m Over You

Song Title:Before I’m Over You
Artist:Lynn, Loretta
{t:Before I??m Over You}
 {st:Loretta Lynn}
 I just can't get it through my head
 You love[G] another now instead
 Can't [D]make myself believe we're really through [A7]
 I'm w[D]alkin up and down the hall
 [G]Talking to a silent wall
 I'll [D]lose my mind before I'm [A7]over you [D]
 I [G]think I've almost lost my mind
 I [D]think about you all the time
 I'm g[G]oing crazy, yes I know
 [A7]And I don't have far to go
 The way[D] you treat me is a shame
 But I'[G]ll keep loving you the same
 I'll [D]lose my mind before I'm [A7]over you [D]
 I keep your letters I should burn
 I [G]wear your ring I should return
 But [D]there's a million foolish things I do [A7]
 It [D]makes me cry, but you would laugh
 To kn[G]ow I kiss your photograph
 I'll [D]lose my mind before I'm o[A7]ver you [D]