Song Information for Very Busy People

Song Title:Very Busy People
Artist:Limousines, The
{t:Very Busy People}
 {st:The Limousines}
 Standard tuning.
 We'll e[C]nd up numb from playing video games
 and we'll get s[F]ick of having s[Em]ex.
 And we'll get f[C]at from eating candy;
 as we dr[F]ink ourselves to de[Em]ath.
 We'll st[C]ay up late making mix tapes,
 photo-shopping pic[F]tures of ourselves;[Em]
 while we mas[C]turbate to these pixelated images
 of stra[F]ngers f**king themsel[Em]ves.
 [C]We are very busy [F]people,[Em]
 [C]We are very busy [F]people.[Em]
 There's c[C]rusty socks and stacks of pizza boxes
 making t[F]rails straight to the bed.[Em]
 And when w[C]e're done sleeping we'll stay busy dreaming of the th[F]ings
 we don't have ye[Em]t.
 Well there's a l[C]ong list of chores and sh*t to do
 before we play, oh let's just p[F]**s away the day (p[Em]**s away the day)
 Prank call the c[C]ops down at the station, just for friendly conversation,
 requesting s[F]ongs they never play; [E] Let's hear the one that goes like:
 [C]We are very busy [F]people,[Em]
 [C]We are very busy [F]people;[Em]
 But we've always got ti[C]me for new friends.[F]
 So come on o[C]ver and knock on our door, it's open what you waiting for?
 We m[F]ight be sprawled out on the floor but we still make lovely company.
 Pull [C]up a chair, I'll pour some tea, we'll shoot the sh*t, 'bout everything,
 till y[F]ou get sick of politics and flip on the TV scree[C]n,
 we st[F]are at the TV screen.
 That Donnie D[C]arko DVD has been repeating for a week,
 and we know [F]every single word. ([Em]every single word)
 I got an [C]iPod like a pirate ship,
 I'll sail the sea with fifty thousand [F]songs I never heard[Em]
 And all the best of them go
 [C]La la, la la la la - La la, la la la la[F][Em]
 [C]La la, la la la la - La la, la la la la [F] [Em]