Song Information for Big Drag

Song Title:Big Drag
{t:Big Drag}
 Limbeck - Big Drag
 Standard Tuning
 [E]There's a sink full of dishes
 No juice in the fridge
 I'm trying not [F#m]to go out
 I'm trying to stay in the [E]house
 And I think "What am I doing?"
 [C#m] What am I doing?
 I'm trying not [F#m]to go out
 On account of the d[B7]rought
 There's just a [A]big [A/G#]drag [F#m]going a[E]round x3 (here!)
 [E] Last night I blew it
 I played [B7]two games of pool and
 [F#m] I forgot my card
 I left it at the [E]bar
 ( Tab from: )
 I dreamed that I went to
 That [C#m]thai place with you
 You know the [F#m]one that we went to
 Two nights b[B7]efore
 There's just a [A]big [A/G#]drag [F#m]going a[E]round x3
 [E] And I don't know why
 [G#m] [Gm] [F#m] And I'm no good at p[B]ool
 [G#m] [Gm] [F#m] And you know it's [C]true![D]
 That there's just a [A]big drag going[F#m] around
 [D] A big drag going [E]around.
 (Your town, it's no good, hey!, etc.) x8...
 Yeah, [F]it's [E]no go[A]od.
 Tabbed by FlyByNite