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Song Title:In Ohio on Some Steps
{t:In Ohio on Some Steps}
 Ok. So i've seen the tab, and i cant read the beggers. So i spent some time turning it into chords for those like me. Also, this is my first!
 IMPORTANT: The whole song is played with your 4th and 5th fingers on the 3rd fret. click on the link below to see if your confused.
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 In Ohio on some steps - Limbeck
 [G]It was one of those g[Cadd9]reat nights.
 It was in Oh[G]io.
 [Em]It feels like I g[Cadd9]ot so old last night in Oh[G]io.
 [Em]Emily had tattoos on her a[Cadd9]rms.
 I don't have none on [Asus]mine.
 She said she's from Virg[Cadd9]inia, but now it's O[G]hio.
 [G]Got home a little late, i[Cadd9]t was 3 o'cl[G]ock.
 [Em]It rained for just a little [Cadd9]bit and then s[G]topped.
 [Em]Emily said she was from Mi[Cadd9]lwaukee.
 I thought it was[Asus] Virginia.
 Then she said, yeah Virg[Cadd9]inia, but now it's O[G]hio.
 [G]And people kept [C]coming home last night at 5 o'cl[G]ock.
 [Asus]I thought they j[Cadd9]ust might never stop waking me u[G]p.
 [Em]Now I'm on the steps to the side[Cadd9]walk.
 It started r[Asus]aining do[Cadd9]wn.
 I think it's kind of f[G]unny
 that I'm in [Cadd9]Ohio on some steps.
 [G]The rain is making my feet [Cadd9]wet.
 [G]As I sat Jeremiah left for [Cadd9]work.
 [G]I went back inside and fell a[Cadd9]sleep.
 [Em]In Ohio, Cal[G]ifornia, or wh[Cadd9]erever.
 [G]Someday you'll end up in O[Cadd9]hio.