Song Information for Tempo Change

Song Title:Tempo Change
{t:Tempo Change}
 Inside The Hollow
 Submitted by:
 Key: C
 Tuning: Standard EADGBe
 Chords used:
 C - x32010
 [F] [-] [133211] 
 [G#]Dm [-]- [466544]xx0231
 Em - 022000
 Am - x02210
 [Fm] [-] [133111] 
 Intro: C--F-G#- x2
 Verse 1:
 [C] Sleep all day when you're away
 s[F]tay a[G#]wake at night when you're near[C]by
 Months before I'd slam the door
 [F]while [G#]talking to you where I'd [Em]lie
 Earlier my hands stay sore
 as I [F]tap them on the key
 Un[G#]treated and hourly[C] now I'm
 bruise tired and sore
 F G#(hold)
 Never felt so good before
 Chorus 1: Beat changes from slow to fast
 [C] [Dm]Lonley past a[Am]lone
 [F]when I was un[C]known
 Al[Dm]though I'm far from
 [Am]home I'll [F]never be a[C--]lone
 Verse 2: Beat changes back
 [C] Now it's late we drift away as
 [F]the [G#]silence takes over our s[C]peech
 In a dream with you and me
 as [F]we [G#]walk so patient[Em]ly
 Again alive a plan a drive
 as the [F]night becomes the ride
 The [G#]mourning resides in[C]side
 Here you'll always be beside
 F G#(hold)
 with me we will hide
 Chorus 2:
 [C] [Dm]Lonley past a[Am]lone
 [F]when I was un[C]known
 Al[Dm]though I'm far from
 [Am]home I'll [F]never be a[C]lone
 [Dm]Far away from the pain
 game stay a[Am]way[Fm]
 [C] [Dm]catching up for leaving
 me and s[Am]tay[Fm]
 [Dm] When I[F] saw my[Am] past die
 [C] for the very first time
 [Dm] Eye's shy[F] breath
 sigh[Am] don't cry
 [C] Catch me as I'm falling
 [Dm] When I saw my[F] past die
 Eye's shy breath sigh
 [Am] don't cry don't cry
 [C] Baby, don't cry
 [Dm] When I saw my[F]
 past die breathe
 Am (hold)
 Borderline can't keep
 me far behind
 Guitar Solo: Dm--F--Am--C-- x2
 (Repeat Chorus 2)
 Outro: Dm--F--Am--C-- x2