Song Information for Fork in the Road

Song Title:Fork in the Road
{t:Fork in the Road}
 Falling Uphill
 Key: D then Bb
 Tuning: Standard EADGBe
 Chords used:
 A - x02220
 G - 320033
 Bm - x24432
 Bb - x13331
 Eb - x68886
 Dm - xx0231
 Cm - x35543
 A/C# - x476xx
 [F]C#[-] - [133211]x46664
 A7 - x02020
 Intro: A--G--Bm-- x2
 Verse 1:
 [A] Day by Day
 I [G]seek the possibili[Bm]tes
 [A] Searching for
 The [G]one and only
 thing that I [Bm]lack
 [D] Look at the hourglass
 Count [A/C#]down a decision
 I should cast
 [D] Let the mind race
 at a fast pace
 [E]Take me to a[F]nother place
 [Bb] Lost and found again
 [Eb]Right be[Dm]fore the
 [C#]fork in [Cm]the road
 [Bb] I start then begin
 [Eb]Right be[Dm]fore the
 [C#]fork in [Cm]the road
 [Bb] I split apart in two
 [Eb]Never [Dm]to dis[C#]cover [Cm]you
 [Bb] I carry this giant load
 Left [Eb]me be[Dm]fore the
 [C#]fork in [Cm]the road
 Interlude: A/C#--D--
 Verse 2:
 [A/C#] Stop I be[G]lieve the day
 is dawning be[Bm]fore the
 truth No hint no clue
 who knows what to [A]do?
 Green again
 [G]Time to chase
 those feelings a[Bm]way
 (Repeat Refrain and Chorus)
 [A] Times ticking you [A7]must
 make up your [D]mind
 (Yes I will[F] yes I will)
 [A] The moment is [A7]gone
 without a [D]thrill
 (Yes I will[F] yes I will)
 Guitar Solo: A--G-Bm-- x2
 (Repeat Refrain)
 (Repeat Chorus twice)
 Outro: Bb(hold)